Fall Guys Leak Shows Sonic-Themed Content

Another Sonic collaboration with Fall Guys is rumored to be on the way, and if the most recent leak is to be believed, this time it will include a level with a blue-blur theme.

Even though the skins haven’t been available for a while, Fall Guys and Sonic have previously collaborated, and you might still encounter the odd bean dressed like Sonic or Knuckles. If the information from leaker FGPancake is to be believed, both will return, maybe as soon as August, along with Tails, as well as Super Sonic and Robotnik skins.

The most important revelation from FGPancake’s leak, though, is that Fall Guys may get a brand-new level modelled on Sonic’s famous Green Hill Zone. You can view the leaked level, titled Bean Hill Zone (awesome), in the video below. As you can see, the level’s design is inspired by the original Sonic level and it also features springs that are decorated with stars and requires you to gather rings.

Along with Tails and Knuckles, several new costumes have been revealed by Pancake, and it appears that non-SEGA characters like Terry Bogard from SNK and wrestler The Undertaker will also appear in the game.

If the Fall Guys level mentioned above is going to happen, it’s anticipated that it will launch in August. We’ll have to wait for additional details from Mediatonic since they haven’t verified anything beyond SEGA’s formal statement during the Sonic Central presentation in June.


Muhammad Zuhair

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