Solo – The game you may fall in love with

A meditative puzzle adventure game

“Solo” has been developed by a Spanish, Madrid-based studio called Team Gotham. It has been released this 26th of April 2018. It is a unique kind of game in itself and has earned many awards and nominations.


It is a narrative indie game based on the idea of love and how we perceive it. The game starts with a question:

“Confess, sailor. In which way does love wrap your existence?”

The player starts his/her journey as a sailor, traveling through an archipelago, solving puzzles and interacting with the surroundings. After the first question, the player gets to select from three options:

  1. I’ve never had love, never shared it in a couple.
  2. I currently share my life with someone.
  3. I had love, but not anymore.

Rest of the story of the game and the puzzles one comes across are based on this single answer of the player and it determines the whole content of the game.

Concept and Game-play:

One simply falls in love with the visuals and environment of the game. There is no rush to complete any objectives or missions. You can simply calm down, sit on a bench and relax. You can take snaps with a camera you have, pet animals, play them a guitar and even water plants if you want to.

While going through different islands, we come across a reflection of another character which is depicted as the former, current or to-be partner of the player. The game is all about love and we simply can’t resist falling in love with the whole concept.  If you’re the kind of person who loves solving little puzzles and discussing the idea of love and fulfillment in life, then this game is guaranteed to provide you with an experience no other AAA title video game can.

Here is a link to the launch trailer for the game for your convenience:

Aaron Michael
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Solo – The game you may fall in love with

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