Software Testers are Being Asked to Download Manjaro 18.0-beta3 ISO

While it won’t be available as a genuine production release for some time, it looks like you can now download version 18.0-beta3 of Manajro as an ISO file. Lean and powerful are the words that the developers wanted to associate with the future release, and this is in keeping with Manjaro’s reputation as a lightweight distribution that always stays as close to the cutting edge as possible.

It took over a month to put together the current test built. Individuals who run the 18.0-beta3 version will get a full profile that gives them the freedom to test out the distro’s default packages without any difficulties.

You can also see how much work the art department did by peering through the new manjaro-wallpapers-18.0 package. The build was released in time to include several extremely important updates for those using the lean Xfce4 desktop environment. Some of the highlights include the following:

• The latest version of Pamac

• Improved Calamares system

• Renewed core Xfce4 packages

• Updated version of xfce-gtk3

• Adapta-Maia theme

• Papirus-Maia icons

• Linux kernel version 4.16.17

Manjaro users who are interested in contributing to this important open-source project are asked to keep testing and sending in feedback or contributions. They’re especially looking for beta testers who are willing to install the software on actual metal hardware to see how it works out. Virtual machines are popular for testing these days, but they might not provide accurate data when it comes to seeing how software may function if it’s used as the primary host operating system.

Even though Manjaro itself is based on Arch, the distribution is designed to be more accessible while not sacrificing the latest packages in the name of stability. Some commentators have considered Arch a distribution that’s more geared toward those with elite technical skills.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean Manjaro’s been locked down. Far from it, the distro has recently become more popular with those looking to run something that’s highly customized and tailored specifically to all of their own tastes. In spite of this, though, Manjaro 18 should be able to work out of the box as soon as the proper release comes out.

John Rendace
John is a GNU/Linux expert with a hobbyist's background in C/C++, Web development, storage and file system technologies. In his free time, he maintains custom and vintage PC hardware. He's been compiling his own software from source since the DOS days and still prefers using the command line all these years later.