Social Media Summit At White House Doesn’t Include Facebook and Twitter Because They Are Biased?

The Donald Trump administration will host an official social media summit at the White House this week. There are strong indications that social media giant Facebook and micro-blogging platform Twitter might not be invited. People familiar with the matter have strongly indicated that the White House has not extended invitations to Facebook and Twitter to attend the event.

In a rather weird turn of events, it is likely that two of the main companies that form the bulk of social media universe, Facebook and Twitter, might not attend an official event that has been scheduled to take place this week at the White House. Needless to add, Facebook is not only the largest social media services provider, but it also owns and operates three of the largest social media services including WhatsApp and Instagram. In the same manner, Twitter has become one of the most important communications tools not only for the common social media user but also politicians.

Incidentally, the report about Facebook and Twitter representatives not being invited to the social media summit at the White House is still to be officially corroborated. In other words, despite the event taking place this week itself, the White House is yet to publicly disclose who it has invited. Moreover, no official spokesperson for the White House has come forth to either confirm or deny the seemingly hilarious restrictions to an event in which Facebook and Twitter can be easily considered as behemoths and industry leaders. Still, the reports do have some credibility owing to the established pattern of the Donald Trump administration and its strong aversion to platforms that seemingly support the left-wing. Incidentally, these claims of bias have been strongly and persistently been denied by all the social media platforms including Google, Twitter, Facebook and the other platforms that Mark Zuckerberg’s company owns.

Twitter Facebook Snubbed In Favor Of Other Media Platforms?

The social media summit will be held this week on Thursday, July 11, 2019. The White House officially announced the summit in June. Officially, the social media summit is “aimed to bring together digital leaders for a robust conversation on the opportunities and challenges of today’s online environment.” However, it is painfully obvious that the primary objectives of the summit may not be effectively discussed or reliable solutions worked upon, in the absence of two of the platforms that collectively form the majority of the social media universe.

Incidentally, the White House hasn’t publicly announced or confirmed who will be visiting its event on Thursday. However, some of the attendees have jumped the gun and posted their invitations. Ironically, several of the invites to the social media summit to which Facebook and Twitter aren’t invited, are posted on these very platforms. Some of the notable mentions include Carpe Donktum and Bill Mitchell.

In lieu of these major players, the Donald Trump administration is expected to offer an invite to speakers like Charles Kirk, PragerU, The Heritage Foundation, and the Media Research Center. Leo Brent Bozell founded the Media Research Center back in 1987. Charlie Kirk leads Turning Point USA, which is essentially a college-focused conservative group.

Why Has The Trump Administration Allegedly Snubbed Facebook And Twitter?

It is no secret that United States President Donald Trump does not have a favorable outlook about Twitter. He has, on several occasions, criticized social media platforms. President Trump has voiced his concerns several times. He has essentially complained that the largest social media companies are biased against conservatives. It is quite ironic that the Trump administration owes a lot to social media. He could very well be one of the most famous users of social media platforms like Twitter. However, speaking about the platform, he had once said, “They make it much harder for me to get out the message. These people are all Democrats. It’s totally biased toward Democrats. If I announced tomorrow that I’m going to become a nice liberal Democrat, I would pick up five times more followers.

It is quite likely that the organizers of the social media summit strongly suspect the event would end up being an “a right-wing grievance session.” The event organized on Thursday now increasingly appears to be a mere social event where there won’t be much discussion about the core issues plaguing the large technology companies and social media platforms. It is apparent that Trump administration largely thinks Facebook and Twitter harbor bias against conservatives. There have been persistent claims that the platforms regularly censor their speeches. Needless to add, both the companies have strongly denied these allegations and claims of intentional manipulation.

Speaking of bias, Trump has in the past implied that Twitter is holding his official social media accounts back and preventing it from garnering more followers. President Trump currently has close to 62 million followers on Twitter. Interestingly, he is far behind the three most popular Twitter users. Trump’s predecessor, Barrack Obama, currently commands 107 million followers. Only pop sensation Katy Perry has a million followers more than the first African-American President of the United States. Although there have been informal accusations, there has been no evidence to indicate Twitter is manipulating the follower counts of President Trump or the most popular users. However, the platform has had problems with AI-driven chatbots artificially inflating follower count in the past.

Ever since Donald Trump has taken over the presidency of the U.S., he has clearly held a grudge against social media giants Facebook and Twitter. He has attacked large technology companies on a regular basis. He even keeps on suggesting social media companies need to be regulated by the government. Quite a few Republican lawmakers and conservative media have been known to accuse social media companies of anti-conservative media bias. In fact, Republicans have orchestrated hearings in the Congress. During such hearings, Congress has questioned social media executives about their company practices. However, instead of sticking to facts-based questioning, such hearings have often veered off course.

Since the White House hasn’t yet commented, Facebook and Twitter might be offered a late invitation. Interestingly, neither of the company has openly voiced its opinions. Hence their intentions remain unclear as well.

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Social Media Summit At White House Doesn’t Include Facebook and Twitter Because They Are Biased?

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