Snapdragon 8180 Qualcomm’s First Laptop Processor – Supports Faster RAM and Increased Clock Speeds

Qualcomm has really played a big part in the success of Android as a whole. They put a lot of money in R&D, so we have excellent processors and wireless chipsets in our phones, along with a lot of other stuff. So naturally the next step would be to try and bring their expertise to the Laptop market, which shares a lot of similarities with a mordern smartphone.

Previously we covered the Snapdragon 8180, Qualcomm’s first laptop chip, including a GeekBench score which you can read more about here. Since then there have been new developments, which have been reported on

Substantial Frequency Increase

So this is one of the biggest revelations from the original specs we posted. Back then it was known that the base clock was somewhere around 1.96GHz, but now we have come to know that the chip will be able to push around the 3GHz mark.

The Winfuture article also states that Qualcomm is testing the 8180 on developer boards, with clock speeds up to 3GHz. Although there are some chips, which don’t go as high as 3GHz, so Qualcomm might sell them clocked a bit lower, to reach a common ground. But they can obviously sell better binned chips for a higher price.

New Integrated Graphics Chip

The adreno integrated graphics chips show remarkable performance in android phones. Now with increased power limits, due to a laptop housing, Qualcomm can push it even futher.

The Adreno 680 is supposed to come with the 8180 laptop chip. No firm performance figures are available as of yet, but we do know it will be more powerful to it’s siblings used on phones. Multimedia consumption is a big part of the laptop experience, so a strong Graphics Chip is definitely welcome.

Also, it comes with a neural processing chip, for neural computing workloads. The Snapdragon 855 is reported to have a seperate neural processing chip, we will probably see a similar setup here.


The 8180 chipset will also support faster RAM. At the moment the Snapdragon 845 supports ram clocked upto 1866 MHz, but the 8180 chipset will support RAM with speeds upto 2133 MHz. Now there probably won’t be any obvious benefits to it, but hey! The more the merrier.

Now obviously this Snapdragon 8180 chipset will be on the ARM architecture, we talked about the pros and cons of having an ARM version of Windows running here. But summarizing it in short, ARM laptops are very power efficient, but native x86 software doesn’t run well.

According to Winfuture, Asus will probably be the first company with laptops having the Snapdragon 8180 chipset, which are codenamed “Primus”. We will have to wait and see if other companies follow suit.

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Snapdragon 8180 Qualcomm’s First Laptop Processor – Supports Faster RAM and Increased Clock Speeds

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