Snapdragon 670 Debuts With Kyro 360 Cores Running At 2GHz Built On 10nm LPP Process

Qualcomm logo Qualcomm snapdragon logo Qualcomm is on a roll recently, bringing out chips with a lot of value for their price. They are really trying hard to close the generation gap that they have with the chips from Apple.

Their 600 series lineup is very popular among budget phones makers. They provide good performance for the fraction of a price. The Snapdragon 625 and 660 chips were very solid offerings, used in phones like the MiA1 and Nokia 7, which did get very favourable reviews from critics. Snapdragon announced the Snapdragon 710 earlier this year, which is considerably ahead of it’s competing chip, the Snapdragon 660. So to close the gap which exists, Snapdragon will bring the Snapdragon 670 platform to consumers.

SNAPDRAGON 670 processor details
Image courtesy : XDA developers


The new 670 is built on a 10nm LPP process technology, which should give it an edge on both power consumption and compute over the Snapdragon 660, which was built of a 14nm fabrication process.

The Kyro 360 in the 670 is a custom solution two performance cores that clock upto 2.0GHz and 6 efficiency cores which clock upto 1.7GHz.


The Snapdragon 670 will have the Adreno 615 for it’s graphical workloads. This GPU has a 25% performance bump over the Adreno 512, which is present in the Snapdragon 660. Although it will still be still be 35% slower than the Adreno 616 present in the Snapdragon 710. Should be powerful enough to run a FHD+ screen, though higher resolution compatibility has yet to be seen.

Improvements of the AI Chipset
Source: Qualcomm


Here is a very interesting portion, the Snapdragon 670 will come with the Hexagon 685 DSP for AI workloads. The similar Hexagon 685 DSP is present in both Snapdragon 845 and the Snapdragon 710. According to Snapdragon, this neural processor will be 1.8x times the AI performance of the Snapdragon 660.


The 670 has the Snapdragon X12 LTE modem for download speeds upto 600Mbps and uploads at 150Mbps. This is similar to what we have on the Snapdragon 660.


Spectra 250 ISP will be included in the Snapdragon 670, which will be able to power a 25MP single camera sensor or two 16MP sensors. This should have improved autofocus, depth sensitivity and better camera stabilization. Slow motion video capture and 4K video recording @30fps are also present.

Qualcomm had also announced the Snapdragon 632, 439 and 429 chipsets earlier this year. Now phone makers have a lot of options to make their winning combination of specifications. Though expect to see the Snapdragon 670 in the upper spectrum of Android phones as it is closer to the 710 than it is to the Snapdragon 660.

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