Snapdragon 670 Antutu Benchmark Scores Leaked With Vivo X23 12% Faster Than Snapdragon 660

Also comes with a new GPU

Qualcomm has a very good lineup in the mobile processor space. But the 600 series from them has always been special, they bring good performance in a value for money package.

The 600 series has always been very broad with many processors in different price brackets, but the Snapdragon 660 has been the most powerful 600 series chip from Qualcomm yet. Even then there’s a massive difference between the Snapdragon 845 and the Snapdragon 660, for reference the Snapdragon 845 scores an average of 256805 points on Antutu and the Snapdragon 660 manages to score 141822 points in the same test. This gives less room for smartphone manufacturers to create a compelling product, because they can either go all out with the Snapdragon 845 or just use the midrange Snapdragon 660. But for many upper mid-range devices, this can be detrimental because they will have to use a mid-range chip and then spend the rest in other components or they can go all out for the higher end chip and will have to cheap out in other components, simple put having a few more processors between the 600 and 800 series will result in better balanced devices.

Qualcomm does realise this and they announced two new processors, the Snapdragon 670 and the Snapdragon 710. Finally from a Antutu listing, we got some benchmark on the Snapdragon 670 with information on the upcoming Vivo X23.

Release Date, Specifications and Pricing of the Vivo X23

The phone will come with a FHD+ display with 8GBs of RAM. Previous leaks on the Vivo X23 suggested an 6.41 inch Amoled display. It will have Android 8.1 Oreo out of the box with 128GBs of onboard storage. Vivo X23 will be powered by the new Snapdragon 670 with the Adreno 615 GPU. The phone is expected to be announced on September 6th, although pricing isn’t known yet.

Antutu listing for the Vivo X23

Here you can see that the Snapdragon 670 has an Antutu score of 157271 points, which is 12% more than the Snapdragon 660. The Snapdragon 670 will also have a better GPU and will be manufactured on the 10nm LPP process, rather than the 660’s 14nm LPP process, this will result in greater efficiency and less battery consumption.

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Snapdragon 670 Antutu Benchmark Scores Leaked With Vivo X23 12% Faster Than Snapdragon 660

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