Smart Watch vs Conventional Watch: Which Should be Your Pick

A watch is supposed to tell you what the time is, that is it, right? Well, not really. With the evolving technologies, watches too have advanced to a level where they do not just tell us the time. And this is the big difference between a conventional watch and a Smart watch. Now when you go out and are about to purchase a watch, you might always find yourself in the dilemma as to whether you should purchase the ‘new’ technology, that is, the ‘smart’ watch, or, just go for the conventional one. Here is how you can finally decide which one is better for you.

How Does a Smart Watch Work Differently Than a Conventional Watch

We are going to closely analyze a few different aspects of both the kinds of watches to help you decide, which one should be your pick.

The Need to Buy a New Watch

A Smart watch is called ‘smart’ because it is just like a smartphone, almost, like a smartphone. This means that after a long while, which sometimes does not seem too long, just how our phones become slow and weird after a while, we need to change the watch, unlike a traditional watch, where, you will only need to buy a new conventional watch when this one either breaks or gets stolen.


A Smart watch has a battery which is just like your mobile phones. It needs to get charged after a certain time, which usually in many cases is 2-3 days. Better quality of smart watches lasts longer on their battery without being charged often. On the other hand, the battery in a traditional watch does not get charged but has to be replaced once it dies out of battery. I have had a traditional watch from over 2 years, and it was after two years, or even more, that I found the need to get its battery changed.

Another major difference between the two batteries, the price of these batteries. A smart watch requires a battery which is more technologically advanced, and therefore, the price of these batteries is comparatively more than the price of the traditional watches batteries.


The most important factor, when purchasing a watch, whether it is a smart watch or a traditional watch, is the question, ‘how much does this cost?’. The prices for both vary depending on the brand you are purchasing, and the quality you want. Both, can be found in different price ranges, which makes it even more difficult for a buyer to make a decision between the two.


The maximum features of a traditional watch would be showing you the time, the day and the date. That is probably it. But a smart watch, is more than just a watch. It will show you your heart rate, GPS and other important features like that of an Apple smart watch which connects your phone with the watch and shows you who is calling you. I have an aunt who was wearing this Apple smart watch and she kept looking at her watch as someone was calling her and then she went looking for her phone. Impressive right?

So the Big Question, Which Watch Should It Be

Even though I am into a healthy lifestyle and would love to keep a track of my heartbeat and enjoy the various features of an advanced smart watch, I (you obviously don’t have to agree with me), would go for a traditional watch. Here are the reasons why I would do that:

  1. I feel like traditional watches have a class of their own and look extremely elegant in comparison to a smart watch, which only gives a very sporty look.
  2. I already have a smart phone in my hand, I do not need another smart-anything on my body. I am already having a tough time managing this device.
  3. I am a very impatient person. And I cannot or would not want to charge my watch again and again when it is losing its battery.

The choices for which type of watch you should buy, without any doubt, depends on the kind of person you are. Both the watches are good, have their different functionalities and depending on which one it is that you ‘need’, should be your pick.

Habiba Rehman
Major love for reading, but writing is what keeps me going. Dream to publish my own novels someday.

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Smart Watch vs Conventional Watch: Which Should be Your Pick

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