Smart Watch From Huawei Surfaces In Recent Leak – Starts At Only 190 Euro’s

Smart watches weren’t a big thing in 2018, specifically speaking from the Android side of things. Although Apple watches are doing pretty good, including the new ones. This can be due to lack of interest from buyers, even Google partly as they aren’t bringing regular updates to their Watch OS.

In a interesting leak from, we have come to know of a Huawei Smart Watch in the works, that might be released with the upcoming Mate 20 Pro.

Huawei Watch GT
Huawei Watch GT
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It measures 1.39 inches and comes with a Amoled panel. The watch is actually going to come in two varients, the GT Classic and the GT Sport. The one in the picture above is in fact the classic version, with the brown leather strap. The GT sport varient will come in an all black bezel.

The watch has two physical dials, which can be used to operate the watch, although you can also use the touch screen. Most Smart Watches have a single dial, but maybe the two dials can help in easier access to some functions, including easier music control. One of the dials can also contain a heart rate monitor, but it’s very unlikely, given it’s known pricing as of now.

The watch has all the standard sensors like compass and accelerometer, so there might be some fitness applications packaged with the watch. Also, the watch is waterproof, but the extent isn’t known yet. The watch has GPS functionality, also comes with NFC, which can be useful on payment terminals. There’s also 4GB of storage.

Battery Life

This is probably the most important aspect of a smart watch for most people, also being the biggest reason why smart watches haven’t taken off yet. This watch has a 420mAh battery, which is pretty decent when comparing it to the Zenwatch 2, which had a 400mAh battery. I have personally used the Zenwatch 2, and in my use case it lasted around 2 days on a single charge. The Huawei watch should do more by a considerable margin, given it comes with the new Snapdragon chip.

Talking about the new Snapdragon 3100, it seems like a big upgrade from the previous Snapdragon 2100. Quoting Qualcomm here  “Snapdragon Wear™ 3100 is our next generation smartwatch platform based on a new ultra-low power hierarchical system architecture. In this hierarchical architecture, the high-performance quad core A7 processor, the highly efficient integrated DSP, and the new ultra-low power co-processor work in conjunction with each other to fundamentally look to re-imagine smartwatch experiences – enhance existing ones, bring-in new ones – while supporting extended battery life. Available in both connected (4G LTE) and tethered (Bluetooth + Wi-Fi) versions“. This actually was a very needed upgrade, because the previous chip in the lineup wasn’t as efficient, and often resulted in lags with the OS.


According to the original article on, the watch will probably retail at around 190 Euro’s. The classic GT will be priced a bit higher, coming in at 229 Euro’s. This is terrific pricing, given the watch comes with the Snapdragon 3100 chip.

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