Skyrim ‘Spell Research’ Mod Completely Redesigns Magic Gameplay

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim features a well-crafted and deep magic system, but a new mod for the Special Edition takes it to a whole new level. The ‘Spell Research’ mod for Skyrim Special Edition introduces a new and uniquely different spell crafting system which enhances gameplay for alchemists, magicians, and even adventurers.

The Spell Research mod reworks all spells to be distinct and different from the others. Mod creator IronDusk33 says that each spell is a completely unique piece of art.” Instead of simple and basic spell casting, the player will have to invoke magic by discovering and studying Archetypes, which are the elements that make up each and every spell. “You can spend several in-game days studying your own spells in a comfortable tower,” reads the mod description. “You can dissolve and analyze the tons of ingredients and potions you have stored. Or you can go out to find and study ancient text, tomes, and artifacts.”

Skyrim Spell Research
Spell Research

After successfully studying Archetypes, the player can then ‘compose’ spells by first developing a ‘magical Theses’. “Spell composition is not an easy task, and by default it will take a lot of trial and effort to compose your first spell.” The mod author notes that there is always a risk of failure during spell composition.

For the alchemists of Skyrim, Spell Research introduces the ‘Alembic’ and ‘Cauldron’, which are used to dissolve ‘ingredients and artifacts’ into ‘distilled liquids’. These liquids can be analyzed to further spell research, or create ‘powerful alchemical ingredients’ via experimentation. Adventures uninterested in magic or alchemy can also make use of the artifacts and relics. They can be sold for a good amount of currency, or broken down to gain more knowledge of spell research.

Spell Research mod also supports a handful of other magic-related mods, such as Requiem and Spell Crafting for Skyrim. The mod is available to download on Nexus Mods and can be installed easily with the help of a mod manager. Spell Research adds a bunch of new features which can seem overwhelming, but the mod creator has shared a quick start which will make the new additions easier to understand.

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Skyrim ‘Spell Research’ Mod Completely Redesigns Magic Gameplay

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