Still No ETA For The Skype Translator Bug That Affected Thousands Of Users

Microsoft killed off Skype Translator bot back in November last year. The Redmond giant introduced built-in translated conversations to replace the bot.

Skype users considered it as a usability improvement since they no longer need to manually add the Skype Translator bot as an additional member in a conversation. In other words, the November Update turned out to be a final nail in the coffin for the bot.

The new Translated Conversations feature supports 11 different languages including English (US), English (UK), Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Spanish, Russian, Japanese, German, French, Portuguese, and Italian. So, if you are interested to translate the conversation of a specific contact, all you need to do is click its user name and send a request for translation.

Skype Translator Isn’t Working? You Aren’t Alone

The feature turned out to be useful for many of us. But it seems like people are already experiencing some problems. The reports suggest that it has been over a month that the built-in Translator is not working for thousands of Skype users. Apparently, the issue affected both mobile and desktop versions of the popular chat app.

Some people reported [1, 2, 3] the issue on the Microsoft Answers forum:

“The translator is not working and has been working all the way up to the date 01/13/2020 as we all knew for a month the Bot wold be gone but the translation still doesn’t work AT ALL. I have also had many issues from the Portuguese translating only to Portuguese not to english.”

The OP confirmed that the problem exists in the latest version. Moreover, a reinstallation of the app didn’t fix the bug, “We have deleted the App and added it back on we are all on the newest versions. We are using I phones and a 2018 Mac book Pro please send update as to when this will be repaired and if you know of the problem.”

Still No ETA

As of now, a Microsoft Agent acknowledged that the company has recently received many complaints about this problem. However, the Big M is still investigating the bug and failed to announce an ETA for a fix.

It is worth noting that it is not the first time that Microsoft has ignored a major issue with Skype. Some furious Skype users are annoyed by the fact that Microsoft’s CS doesn’t seem to care. They can no longer communicate with people from other parts of the world.

If you are on the same boat, provide your feedback to Microsoft to speed up the investigation process.

Alex Schoff
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Still No ETA For The Skype Translator Bug That Affected Thousands Of Users

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