Following An Update, Thousands Of Users Experiencing Problems With Skype

If you are experiencing issues with receiving Skype messages for the past couple of weeks, you are not alone. The problem started affecting desktop users since they installed the latest version of Skype (i.e version 8.59) on their machines. Many people took to the Microsoft Community [1, 2, 3, 4] and Reddit forums to report that they can no longer receive new messages.

Moreover, apparently, the problem only seems to be affecting Skype for desktop users, as the reports confirmed that both mobile and web versions work perfectly fine (at least for now). Here’s how someone described the problem on Microsoft’s Community forum:

“My messages aren’t updating on my PC version of Skype however it works on mobile. I have logged out and back in, uninstalled and redownloaded it and it still doesn’t work. My internet connection is fine as I was able to download it. any advice?”

Microsoft Is Yet To Investigate This Issue

According to reports, the messages aren’t being updated even after redownloading the application. It is worth noting that the issue has been introduced by the latest Skype update because reverting to a previous version resolves the Skype messaging issues. Some other users reported that the problem disappeared after installing the Skype Application from Microsoft Store.

In case you missed, Microsoft rolled out the highly anticipated custom backgrounds support for Skype with this update. The feature now allows users to replace their real-life background with their favorite images during video calls. Since custom backgrounds offer a cleaner and clutter-free video chat experience, everyone was eager to grab the latest update as soon as it started rolling out on April 16.

At the time of publication. unfortunately, there is no word from Microsoft, with some independent advisors encouraging users to try using the Skype Web Client. If you are also affected by Skype messaging issues, a Microsoft Agent recommended users to “go to the app settings – Help & Feedback – Report a problem. Please don’t forget to include the logs so we can see where’s the problem. We will take a look at it!” to investigate the issue.

Alex Schoff
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