Some Skype Users Are Facing High CPU Usage During Video Calls

Microsoft Has Completely Ignored The Issue In The Latest Updates

Skype is a popular messaging app that allows you to call your friends and family over the internet. Although it is certainly not the best messaging app available online, Microsoft is continuously working to add improvements and enhancements in the app with each update.

Microsoft regularly releases separate updates for all platforms including Linux. Generally, the Skype app for these platforms shares more or less the same features. Moreover, the large number of complaints linked with the consumer version of Skype indicates that Microsoft is focusing more on business users.

It seems like the company has been ignoring a major problem in Skype for Linux. Several Skype users reported high CPU usage during video calls. It is not a new problem as it started affecting the users back in October this year. Unfortunately, the Big M paid little attention to these reports and didn’t resolve the issue in the subsequent updates. The OP explained the problem on the Microsoft Answers forum:

“In the last version of Skype (, released more or less a week ago) I have the following problem. The CPU usage during a video call is very high, so high that the fan activates during the call all the time. Moreover, after a call the CPU usage remains high (unchanged) and the fan remains active. The only solution is to close Skype.”

Another user reported the issue on Reddit: “My skypeforlinux shows ~50% CPU usage even when I don’t do any calls. Does anyone have similar issue? How to correct it? Skype version Debian 10 MATE.

The forum reports [1, 2] indicate that the high CPU usage issue affected almost all Linux distributions including Linux Mint, Ubuntu Mate, Zorin and more. Some users confirmed that restarting Skype temporarily resolved the issue until the next video call. Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D to toggle Debug mode.
  2. Now you can reload the app by pressing Ctrl+D.

It is worth noting that it is just a temporary solution and you may need to wait for a few more weeks until Microsoft releases a bug fix.

Have you noticed high CPU usage on your Linux system? Let us know in the comments section below.

Alex Schoff
Alex is a technology reporter with a particular interest in Microsoft and Windows. He keeps a close eye on major developments related to Windows 10, Google Chrome, Office 365, and more.
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