Skype for Mac Update Breaks Skype Directory Service, Here’s How You Can Fix It

Some macOS & iOS users are complaining about an annoying bug on the Microsoft Skype app that restricts them from finding new contacts. It seems to be a serious issue with the Skype Directory which was caused by the latest Skype for Mac Update.

A number of furious users highlighted the issue on the Microsoft Answers forum. According to a Skype user, the issue persists across different platforms.

“I am trying to find a new contact in Skype, but It is not working and I am unable to find any contact.I have tested Skype for Mac, Skype for iPhone and Skype web, all of them are not finding contacts. Any solution?”

Another Skype user reported that the issue exists on two different iMacs.

“Same issue here – I am unable to find anyone that is not already in my contacts.I have tried 2 different iMacs on different wired and wireless networks and my iPhone on wifi and 4G. I can’t connect to any new contacts. All machines running latest version of Skype.”

The Skype Customer Support team confirmed the bug on the Microsoft Community forum. The good news is, Microsoft has already investigated the issue and it was caused by a new security update released by Apple.

We have been able to identify that this incident is the result of a new security update in the Apple system that invalidates the Microsoft certificate for the server responsible for said service.

Skype team is currently working to resolve the Skype Directory service issue. However, Microsoft has suggested a quick workaround to help you fix the issue.

How To Fix Skype Directory Issues On macOS & iOS

Steps for iOS:

  1. Open the Safari browser on your system and download the MICROSOFT IT TLS CA 02.crt file.
    Skype iOS Profile download
    Skype iOS Profile download
  2. At this step, your browser may ask for confirmation, click the Install button to install a new profile.Skype iOS Profile install                             Skype iOS Profile Install
  3. Once the installation process is complete, you need to manually activate the SSL trust option.
  4. Head over to Settings > General > Information > Certificate trust settings

Steps for macOS:

  1. Open Safari or Google Chrome on your system.
  2. Download Microsoft security certificate named MICROSOFT IT TLS CA 02.crt.
  3. Double click the downloaded file to open it. Follow the on-screen instructions to trust the certificate (if required).

Now you should be able to use the service without any problem. However, if the issue still persists, follow the steps given below:

  1. If your system does not allow to directly trust the certificate, you need to add the certificate to the macOS Keychain.
  2. Find the macOS Keychain, navigate to the Category section and drag the Certificate file to this window.
    Skype Drag the certificate
    Drag the certificate
  3. Double click on the file, go to the Trust section and choose Always Trust.
  4. Finally, close the window.

For now, there is no update to fix the issue and a new version is expected to be available very soon.


Alex Schoff

Alex is a technology reporter with a particular interest in Microsoft and Windows. He keeps a close eye on major developments related to Windows 10, Google Chrome, Office 365, and more.
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