Microsoft Is Investigating Broken Notifications On Skype For Android Version 8.52

Microsoft has recently rolled out a brand new version of Skype for all supported platforms. This update bumps the existing version of Skype to 8.52 on Mac, iPhone, Windows, Android, Web, iPad, and Linux.

According to the release notes, Microsoft fixed various issues in this release. There were some minor improvements to the overall user experience on all platforms. The company addressed issues with group notifications on Android.

However, by the look of things, this update introduced new issues of its own. There are multiple reports about broken sound notifications by Android users. Skype users confirmed that even tough the message notifications are turned on in the app Settings, the phone only vibrates on receiving a notification.

This update has seemingly broken notifications on Skype for Android. ( Message notifications have no sound, and yes I have sound turned on. Worked as usual until the app updated last night. My phone will vibrate but doesn’t produce any sound with the notification, and that makes it hard to know when I’m getting messaged. :/

Also, the notification led for android hasn’t worked for a few years now even though the app still has a toggle for it in the settings…

Skype’s Project Manager Miika responded to the feedback and confirmed that Microsoft is investigating this issue.

We are investigating this no sound in message notifications problem.

Meanwhile, you can try with the Skype Insider Preview version, which is available from here.

Miika further added that you can use the Skype application to report the issue if the problem still persists even with the Insider preview version.

The Skype team released some new platform-specific features. It brings dark mode for mobile users including iPad, iPhone, and Android. Your default system settings will be automatically applied to the Skype application if you are running the latest version on your phone.

One of the interesting highlights of this update is that it brings the group call scheduling functionality for mobile users. The new feature makes it easier for mobile users to choose a time for a call that is suitable for all group members. This functionality was initially available for standard calls only.

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Microsoft Is Investigating Broken Notifications On Skype For Android Version 8.52

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