Skybound Games Launches Retail Versions of Slime Rancher and The Long Dark on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Worldwide retail distributor Skybound Games joins hands with Slime Rancher creator Monomi Park and The Long Dark creator Hinterland Studio to release the titles on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The two titles are now available worldwide on consoles in the form of a retail version containing a few extra items.

The Long Dark

The publisher announced the launch and shared a launch trailer for the survival game:

The Long Dark is a first-person survival game set within the cold Canadian wilderness. The player, a crash-landed bush pilot, who must take on the dangers of Mother Nature and survive in the frozen wilderness. The Long Dark features a narrative Story mode called Wintermute, an open-world permadeath survival mode, and the objective based Challenge mode. Episode One and Episode Two of the story mode combine for about 15 hours of gameplay, and the upcoming episodes will add to that.

In the retail version of the game, players will find a download code for the original soundtrack alongside a limited edition physical Field Journal. Moreover, purchasing the retail edition will grant instant access to the upcoming episodes once they are released. Episode Three, which will launch before the end of 2018, Episode Four and Episode Five will be unlocked for free.

Slime Rancher

Celebrating their partnership with Monomi Park and the launch of the retail version of Slime Rancher, Skybound Games shared a launch trailer for the game:

Slime Rancher is a first-person sandbox game in which the player, Beatrix LeBeau, joins the business of slime ranching. Players can collect slimes and grow crops to earn money which can be used for  upgrading your vacpack or on Slime Science in order to find rare resources. Three game modes, casual, adventure, and rush are available in Slime Rancher.

With every purchase of the retail edition of Slime Rancher, the player will receive a download code to the original soundtrack, a Slimepedia Booklet, and a discount voucher for official Slime Rancher merchandise. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will have access to console-exclusive downloadable content which lets them dress up their slimes as adventures on PlayStation 4 and pirates on Xbox One. A shiny variant of the vacpack, called the Chroma Pack, will be given to players on each platform. Xbox players will receive the Emerald variant, while PlayStation 4 players will get the Sapphire one.

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Skybound Games Launches Retail Versions of Slime Rancher and The Long Dark on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

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