Konami’s Silent Hill Showcase Event Details Leaked – Three New Silent Hill Games to Be Released

In the showcase event, which will be broadcast today on YouTube, Silent Hill’s upcoming plans would be revealed, but thanks to metadata tags and the description of the stream, we already know a few details.

Today at 2 pm PT/5 pm ET/10 pm BST, the Silent Hill Transmission stream will air, revealing a number of new Silent Hill games. The YouTube live stream was planned for marketing and awareness purposes, but fans quickly discovered some intriguing details about the titles that will be shown.

Toumari, a user on ResetEra, was able to decipher the video’s source code and learn about all of Konami’s upcoming projects by looking at the metadata tags within the code.

Silent Hill Showcase Event Livestream’s Source Code | Toumari via ResetEra

Details about Silent Hill 2, the film Return to Silent Hill, and a mysterious project named Silent Hill: Ascension are described in the metadata tags. There are also Steam and PlayStation tags, which may indicate a PC and PS5/PS4 release, but no Xbox platforms.

Although, the releases for several new games were already expected, here are two games that particularly stick out. Even though we have no idea what form any of these games will take, Silent Hill: Ascension and Return to Silent Hill both carry a great deal of potential. Several founding members of the Silent Hill franchise have also been tweeting in favor of this stream, which may point to the possibility that one of the games is being created in Japan.

Unintentionally, Konami may have just let slip that the planned Silent Hill 2 Remake will be released in parts. A tweet from Survival Horror Network reveals that the network received an email from Twitch stating that Konami exercised their rights in order to monetize the show or obtain analytics about it. The live broadcast was a dry run in preparation for today’s event. Konami’s ‘copyrighted content‘ was identified, and it was oddly titled Silent Hill 2: Part 1.


A Silent Hill 2 remake by Bloober Team, has been rumored for 2022, and the studio is also working on an episodic game that may be the aforementioned Project Sakura.  We’ll just have to wait and see what the Showcase Event has in store for us.


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