Silent Hill f & Silent Hill Townfall Revealed as the Next Two Games in the Franchise

Konami revealed their plans for two upcoming Silent Hill games, Silent Hill f, and Silent Hill Township, during today’s transmission. The Silent Hill series is making a comeback with new games and a remake of one of the greatest games in the series.

Earlier in the day, a YouTube video glitch spoiled many of the showcase’s surprises from Silent Hill. The awaiting broadcast had tags that disclosed critical video reveals, which Konami removed later. However, the fans were only given the names of some of the projects, and the details of what those projects entailed weren’t disclosed in their entirety until the Silent Hill Transmission was shown.

Silent Hill f, the next main installment in the series, is being developed by Neobards Entertainment, the studio responsible for Resident Evil Re:Verse and Resident Evil Resistance

This game is set in 1960s Japan, and the trailer depicts a lovely yet frightening, Japanese village that is being overtaken by some kind of fungus or a red vine. The fungus attempts to take over the girl when in a series of events, we see the girl floating in a boat and is shown to shed a single tear before her head falls off in a rather unsettling way.

Fungus Taking Over the Japanese Village | Konami

Ryukishi07, the renowned Japanese visual novel writer who is also known for the Higurashi and Umineko series, is now working on the script for Silent Hill f. Additionally, Silent Hill is a town in the United States, making the game’s setting an unusual location for the series.

Additionally, today’s Silent Hill Transmission stream revealed yet another upcoming project titled Silent Hill: Townfall. Konami is joined in the project by Stray developer Annapurna Interactive and No Code.

The teaser included a radio transmission and scenes of waves crashing on a nighttime beach, both of which were relatively obscure. A similar message, which is as cryptic, features an unnamed voice speaking to someone who requests punishment.

Due to the terrible things, they’ve done, the voice says they’ve been stuck there for a long time, but they believe the listener is looking for the same thing they are.

Not many details about this game have been revealed except for this teaser. However, we will keep you posted as we hear more. 


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