Silent Hill 4: The Room Is Now Available On PC

Another chance to play the 2004 horror game

Konami Has Just confirmed that Silent Hill 4: The Room will be once again available on PC. This time, the game will be sold through a proper distributing platform, which is GOG. The game was previously released in 2004, but there are no traces of where you can actually get it.

This rerelease on popular store GOG will allow Konami to reach a wider audience. GOG has also published the game’s listing, mentioning the storyline, couple of features, and gameplay screenshots.

“Henry Townshend finds himself trapped in his apartment and the only escape is through a mysterious portal that leads to a horrifying alternate reality.” reads the game description “With gruesome sights around every corner and his sanity being tested, he must find his way out of this nightmare. Enter The Room, a thrilling story in the most terrifying game series of all time.

Silent Hill 4: The Room
Silent Hill 4: The Room

Other than Story, it does not mention anything new except for “shocking plot twists” and its horrific gameplay. The graphics and controllers will be sort of the same because this is not a remake or any remaster. It is just a rerelease, and likewise, its system requirements are from 2004.

Silent Hill 4: The Room is the fourth Installment In Silent Hill Series. The game features horror, adventure, and survival gameplay. It initially features first-person gameplay, but It automatically changes to third depending on what you are doing. Back In the day, Silent Hill 4: The Room was very popular and received worldwide attention from all sorts of outlets.


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