Significant Apple Music Update Coming to Android Along With a New Apple TV App for the Platform

Apple TV is one of the biggest streaming services on the internet, with over 25 million paid subscribers. But in true Apple fashion, the service still isn’t present on Android, at least via an application. The service rolled out on Android TV devices. just last year, but users on Android smartphones and tablets still need to access the service via a browser. 

But that could be changing soon. According to noted Twitter leakster, ShrimpApplePro, Apple could soon release an Apple TV app for Android. That’s not all, the company is also planning to update the Apple Music app on Android. 

The Apple Music app on Android is far behind its Apple counterpart both in terms of features and overall stability, mostly due to the absence of consistent updates. Although Apple has been fixing some things in the background. A recent Apple Music Beta release on Android added a ton of new features, and even sorted a few bugs. Reddit user u/allthingsmustpasss, also listed some of these upcoming features on the Apple Music subreddit. 

I recently posted this video but I cannot edit the post so had to make a new one. Recent Apple Music Beta (Android) released the following new things:

  • New Lyrics View

  • Larger Covers in Now Playing

  • Better audio quality tags like Dolby and Lossless

  • More optimized animations

  • Every other label is now just like iOS, the placement, typeface, and consistency

  • New ESSENTIAL playlists cover

  • New song progress bar

Well, I just noticed that only a few selected songs have this new lyrics view where you can see each word highlighted as the song progress. Some songs are still with the old view. I checked with my friend who is an iOS subscriber and the same thing was there. I think they are preparing for the feature to release on Android too considering how they are bringing the native Windows App, this might just work out.

– u/allthingsmustpasss on Reddit

As for the Apple TV app for Android, ShrimpApplePro further added that it is going to be different than the version released for Android TV. We aren’t sure what that pertains to at this point, but it could mean an all-new experience tailored for Android devices.  

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