Shortly After Releasing on GoG, Soldier of Fortune’s Most Important Mod Taken Down by Activision

Soldier of Fortune, the FPS game developed by Raven Software, launched on GoG a few days ago. The vanilla version of Soldier of Fortune is quite dated and difficult to run on modern PCs. Aside from patching a number of exploits and security issues, the SoFplus mod optimizes the game and makes it playable on modern hardware. Earlier this week, Activision requested the mod owner to “remove or block access to SoFplus files.”


One of the most beloved mods for the game, SoFplus fixes many of the games issues and adds new features such as widescreen support, field of view fixes and menu modifications. The mod brought several quality of life changes such as enabling console and force full-violence mode by default.

Soldier of Fortune SoFplus Mod
SoFplus Widescreen

“After over 14 years, Activision has sent a request to remove or block access to SoFplus files. The request also asked for removal of files that don’t contain Activision materials, so something may be wrong with their automated scanning tool,” reads a recent post on the mod website. “Soldier of Fortune is available on now, so that may be the reason why they contacted me now. I’ll get more information and will try to resolve the problem.”

For a game more than a decade old, Activision’s intention behind this action has confused fans. It is unclear why Activision has decided to take the mod down, and the company is getting a lot of criticism from community as a result.

Without the mod, Soldier of Fortune is basically unplayable for a number of people. For now, the SoFplus mod can still be downloaded via an archived version of the site. Hopefully, Activision and the mod owners work the issue out and can continue with the legal distribution of the mod. Back in the day, Soldier of Fortune was a great FPS and is still played by many to this day.

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