SHADOW Unveils Cloud-Gaming Service “POWER UPGRADE” Featuring NVIDIA and AMD

A cloud computing business called SHADOW has unveiled its newest project, called Power Upgrade, which promises to help consumers who want better performance from their top cloud services. The firm presently has a limited quantity of Power Upgrade available in the areas of Europe and North America.

SHADOW understands the need from gamers searching for an alternative service where they can play their games utilizing a powerful PC remotely since Google stopped supporting and discontinued their cloud-based gaming platform, Stadia, earlier this month. An AMD EPYC 7543P processor with four cores and eight threads powers the new Power Upgrade for SHADOW. The NVIDIA RTX A4500, a professional-grade GPU in the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 class, will be the graphics card made accessible to consumers through the cloud at launch. 16GB of RAM and a 16Gbps integrated fiber connection will be available to users.

In addition to the $29.99 monthly membership charge for Shadow’s service, the new Power Upgrade service will cost $14.99/month. Although the cost may appear excessive, the services provide access to powerful PCs designed for gaming and cloud computing. Additionally, users will be able to add more storage through various tiered subscriptions, up to a maximum of 5 TB.

More Power Upgrade slots will be available next month, however the service is presently only accessible in restricted amounts. Customers may be guaranteed that new systems will regularly be introduced in the future thanks to SHADOW. This year, SHADOW’s services are accessible to approximately 120 million more people.

It has been 4 years since we last proposed a new configuration due to component shortages and other issues. The release of the Power Update is the symbol of the new chapter SHADOW is entering: we want to offer new products, new features and meet all the expectations of our customers. Most of all, we delivered what we announced back in May. We are particularly proud and excited about it all and can’t wait for customers to tell us what they think about the Power Upgrade.”

-Eric Sèle CEO of Shadow 


Muhammad Zuhair

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