How To Setup Google Cloud Print

Almost all new printers are Cloud Ready, which have different instructions provided with the manual. If you are looking to connect a printer that is Cloud Ready please  see manual/instructions provided by the manufacturer. This guide is for classic printers only that are not Cloud Ready.

Setting Up A Printer On Google Cloud

The main requirement to setup a printer on Google Cloud is to  have Google Chrome installed on your system. If you do not have Chrome installed, please Click Here to download and install Google Chrome. Before proceeding with the steps below make sure that you are signed into your Google Account, and your printer is already connected to the system and ready to print.

The main benefit of the Cloud Printing is that you can send prints from anywhere to your print, such as if you are in your School / University etc, you can logon to your Google Account on Chrome and send the print from your University to your Printer which will be printed out at your home. There’s much more you can do with it as per your requirements.

Below are the steps required to setup a Classic Printer on Google Cloud

1. After you have installed Google Chrome, open it and go to the settings by clicking on the settings icon as shown below.

chrome settings

2. Select Settings option, after Clicking the Settings icon from the drop down.

Chrome Settings

3.  Click Show Advanced Settings, from the settings pane at the bottom.

Show Advanced Settings

4.  Scroll down further and select the Manage option located under Google Cloud Print.

Google Cloud Print Manage

5. Click Add Printers. This will enable Cloud Printing and you will see a list of printers which are now associated with your Google Account and are ready to go Cloud.

You can add new printers and remove them as well from the Manage section under Google Cloud Print.

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How To Setup Google Cloud Print

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