How To: Setup A Website

You’re probably blank about all the hosting stuff; if you are starting with the question “How To Host Your Own Website“.

BUT, not to worry by the end of this guide you’ll know how to host a website  along with a 25% discount coupon from HostGator, exclusively for the readers of this article.

The first step in the process is to actually have a website built/developed by a Web Developer, which is ready to go live. The most common type of sites are

1- Dynamic Sites

Dynamic Sites, as the name suggests contains several functions programmed into it that changes rapidly as per the user experience and the site’s purpose. Eg: e-commerce sites, such as walmart, etc..

These types of sites require a complete plan to be handed out to the developer/programmer who would built such a site if they are totally custom and require a custom functionality.

It would be best to discuss your requirements in order to determine which solution would best fit your needs.

This site appuals is a blog site, and is a dynamic site because of the several functions added to it.

2. Static Sites

Static Sites, are simple sites with a few pages, not changing functionality unlike with Dynamic  Sites.

Most small businesses go for these type of sites to create web presence and they do not require maintenance, cost is also very reasonable.  example of such sites are:

So once you’ve got the site done by the developer/programmer, you’ll then decide on hosting. You can even build your own blog, most of the features are already built into the blog.

Let’s assume you now have the site, or an idea of starting your blog, or setting up the site on a blog and now you need the host.

I highly recommend due to their support, price and uptime.

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Now once you have the idea, and the site, and the domain you will then provide the domain to the hosting company, and modify name server records from the domain registrar.

On Godaddy, it is done by clicking the launch button next to the domain, and editing the DNS – You can also register the domain during the sign up with HostGator, they will automatically setup the DNS so you’ll already have it configured.


1- You select register a new domain if you  do not have one

2- OR you select I already own this domain (if you already have it registered with someone else) later you’ll modify the DNS.

Once you have signed up, you will be sent an email with your account details.

The easiest method to upload a site is to download an FTP client such as filezilla and input the host, username and password received in the e-mail from the hosting provider.


Then, quick connect to it and browse to the home folder, usually this is public_html, and anything uploaded here is uploaded to the site – this makes the hosting part complete.

If you use HostGator, using our coupon code,  appuals251 we will provide you  free support in setting up your site.

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How To: Setup A Website

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