How to Set the Identification Line in the Midori Browser

Midori is a lightweight browser compared to many of the ones that come with different Linux distributions by default, but it actually still ships with several useful features built right in without any need for extensions. This browser is available in many yum and apt-get repositories, but its also slipstreamed as a part of the Bodhi and Trisquel distribution as well as several others.

You might also find that it’s present on many live CD application menus. Midori contains a relatively primitive user agent swapper that allows the browser to change what it identifies as when it comes time to tell sites what kind of device its loading them from. This can force it to load the mobile versions of pages regardless of the form factor of the device you’re actually on, which is useful in the low-memory environments that Midori works with.

Changing the Identification Line in Midori

Click or tap the hamburger menu and select “Preferences” from the drop-down box. It will default to the “Startup” tab.

Select the “Network” tab between “Browsing” and “Privacy,” then look for a line that’s currently set to Firefox.

Click on the drop-down and select your desired identification line. Selecting “iPhone” will generally force mobile pages to load preferentially over regular desktop ones.

You might find that depending on your configuration you might have a number of settings related to the Google Android platform. These should also force the loading of mobile pages from sites that feature responsive Web design.

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How to Set the Identification Line in the Midori Browser

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