Sennheiser MB 360 UC Headphone Review

It would be nearly impossible for an audiophile to not be familiar with the brand Sennheiser. The German giant is renowned for producing the most versatile and power-packed range of audio solutions. Their headphones harness the power of German engineering and precision and generate an experience like no other with its exceptional sound quality and remarkable microphone capabilities that can open the door to a world of endless possibilities.

Sennheiser MB 360 UC

Offers Best Comfort


  • Talk time up to 25 hours
  • Ideal for business calls
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Travel pouch pre-included


  • Bland design

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Battery time: Up to 25 hours | Range: 82 ft. | Connectivity: Bluetooth, NFC, Audio cable

VERDICT:Sennheiser MB 360 UC can be characterized as new venture from Sennheiser into the mid-range territory which is already quite packed with preying rivals but the MB 360 does hold up significantly well with dedicated performance and its German engineering at its finest

First look at the Sennheiser MB 360

The MB 360 UC is the latest Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) backed release from Sennheiser which has taken the market by storm in the mid-range segment. It was launched alongside a couple of other items that include the SP 30 and the SC 660 ANC. The SC 660 ANC is a wired headphone with a USB adapter attached to it whereas its sibling the MB 360 is Bluetooth 4.0 enabled for wireless connectivity.

This review is, of course, to get your prepped for the hype train regarding the MB 360’s release and what you should know about the product itself to decide whether it is worth giving a chance or not. Let’s get started:


The design has always been Sennheiser’s forte and never seems to disappoint. This seamlessness execution of brilliant design can be observed throughout its entire range of headphones and the MB 360 is no exception as you get a fused metal and plastic body. This adds to the rugged feel and enhances the durability of the product.

The MB 360 was designed by keeping working professionals in mind and simplistic layout advocates this belief. The company itself has always been inclined towards providing professional, heavy-duty solutions for the audio-inclined needs of the corporate world. Similarly, as observed in the SC 660 which works around ANC and the design itself volunteers for professionals who spend their time mostly on calls.

Industrial grade design

A matte black finish with chamfered edges and silver metallic clips used in place of the joints and the lining of the earcups where the ports are situated. You get the Sennheiser branding on the earcups with the model number etched on the metal joints that follow. You also get the NFC logo which indicates that these headphones are NFC capable.

The NFC pairing setup is located on the left earcup whereas the right one contains all the controls and ports. The right earcup houses a micro USB port for charging along with a power button and volume rocker, pretty much the standard deal.

Flawless ANC


Now moving on to the next point of interest which would be what’s actually rocking under the hood of this mid-range beast. As the specs would suggest, the drivers of it are pretty impressive with enough firepower to cater to the needs of any working individual whether in the office or on the go. This is speculated to target the consumer base that mostly moves around and never settles for anything less than the best in their pursuit.

On paper, the battery seems to be quite on par with its rivals such as the Bose Noise Cancelling 700 headphones and can last up to 25 hours providing a talk time which is just as much. This impressive battery life would also work well for those who need more comfort while on calls during their daily commute.

The foldable design is evidently smooth and nurtures the portability as this allows it to easily fit inside the pre-included travel pouch for traveling greater distances without getting in contact with abrasive substances or lint inside the delicate components. This means that you can take it pretty much everywhere except for underwater.

Can be folded which makes portability very easy

The noise canceling capability actually furnishes the foundation for better audio retention in terms of a crowded or noisy work environment or even function under the recklessly noisy atmosphere of an airport.


Active Noise Cancellation is the most reliable and notable feature of the MB 360 as it enables you to be comfortable in a noisy environment. It can be your office cubicle, coffee shop or an airport lounge. The music performance is enriched with powerful bass and crisp audio quality.

Some technical aspects would include an 18 Ohm impedance, microphone’s frequency response ranging from a 100-10,000 Hz that ensures the utmost reliability while you’re on a call as it is tuned to capture only the points of interest and filter out the rest of the chaos. It also comes with a USB Bluetooth dongle straight out of the box with support for PC softphones to cover that area of expertise.

It comes backed up with an impressive output of 25 hours but the charging time is quite minimal in comparison. With only 2 hours of plug-in time, you can get it topped up to its full potential. Encompassing Bluetooth 4.0 capability, it features a range of 25 meters or 82 ft. Main modes of connectivity include Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, Audio cable with answer/end button (2.5 mm twist lock and 3.5 mm jack plugs).

The ANC being used is Sennheiser’s NoiseGard active noise cancellation technology that is at play to attain a premium level of audible comfort.  The sound pressure level is limited by Sennheiser ActiveGard to protect the wearer’s hearing at 113 decibels.

You get a 2-year’s warranty straight up from the manufacturer with exceptional customer support as Sennheiser has a very loyal customer base and they tend to take care of them as best as they can. They do so by exceeding expectations in terms of what they put out in the market for the consumers.


This segment would clearly be based upon how the MB 360 would prove it’s merit to you and evaluate its worth based on the specs that are being offered while synthesizing a possible conclusion on whether these are worth it or not by the deductions of the review mentioned above.

Overall, the outlook is packed with a lot to offer to range from the durable exterior and the elegant chassis that it rightfully boasts. The earcups that are holstered at each of the ends of the headband are actually designed to swivel only up and down on the axis at which they are attached and therefore lack the capability to swivel sideways as the means of putting them down and preventing them from rolling over.

Connectivity options including Bluetooth dongle and cables

The design, however, allows the headphones to be folded into a bundle with one earcup lined on top of the other and the easily packed up inside the travel pouch. The travel pouch is quite roomy but lacks the rigid outer shell that might prevent any suppressive external elements that could damage the headphones but nonetheless, the provided travel pouch does a good job with keeping it secure enough.

The performance-based decision would surely be a positive one as there are no compromises on the integrity of the product whether it is with respect to its aesthetics or any other prominent aspect. The bass is adequately punchy and vocal provisions are standard as it has been tested to be ideal for business calls under strenuous environments. They are also reinforced with UC support to increase productivity.


Sennheiser MB 360 UC does a job well done in making ends meet and curating the bad from the good with most of it being good in the end as we have sensed it. In its entirety, it stands out as a perfect new competitor in the mid-range market with a pretty steep price tag.

Inside the box you get, a safety guide, quick guide, storage pouch, audio cable with the end/answer button, USB cable with micro-USB connection, BTD 800 USB dongle, and the headset itself in all its glory.

The aftersales support catered by Sennheiser is optimum as all of the accessories that come right out of the box of a new unit can also be purchased separately for a small cost in case of being worn out or lost with frequent usage.

Price at the time of review: $183

Sennheiser MB 360 UC Headphone


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