Scum Updates Introduce Anticheat and Address Server Lag

Publisher Devolver Digital’s most recent survival game, Scum, is finally out. As is the case with many survival games upon launch, Scum is plagued with numerous bugs, issues and server lag. Over the past two days, the developers have pumped out two patches which fix bugs and bring new features, such as anticheat measures.

In the most recent update, the developers make some balance changes and deploy a handful of bug fixes. Scum is now supported on ultra wide displays and scaling issues on the server browser have been fixed. Weapon spawn rates, ambient sounds, and animal health values have been tweaked. Inventory requirement for barb wire has been reduced and two apparel items now have increased inventory slots. The woodcutter shirt and bulletproof vests now have one and eight extra inventory slots respectively.

The previous update, which added anticheat, was deployed two days ago and nerfed the sentry turrets. The turrets took longer to reload and had worse accuracy after the update. Today’s patch has buffed the sentries and now they have a higher accuracy. Tree bark rope, which could only be made from long wooden sticks, can now be made from short ones. Thanks to the most recent update, collision issues causing teleportation to the surface in underground bunkers should be fixed, although developers say further testing is required.

The new anticheat will be regularly updated and will also ban players who use exploits. “And yes we are working on the server lag as we speak, we just want to make sure it comes out in the best shape as possible, ” reads the patch notes.

Not even a month since launch, Scum has become one of the most popular survival games on Steam. According to Steam Charts, the game topped over 65,000 active players in the last 24 hours alone. Scum is available to purchase now on PC via Steam.

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Scum Updates Introduce Anticheat and Address Server Lag

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