Scorn and The Medium Confirmed to be Xbox Series X Console Exclusives

During yesterday’s Inside Xbox live stream event, Microsoft revealed over a dozen games for its upcoming next-gen console. While we didn’t get to see much about the games except for some ‘in-engine footage’, it turns out two titles from the list will launch as Xbox Series X console exclusives. Psychological horror game The Medium and creepy adventure title Scorn will not be available on other consoles upon launch.

Following the reveal of Scorn, developer Ebb Software made a post on Steam addressing concerns regarding the game’s exclusivity.

“It was a simple decision,” reads the update post. “Xbox Series X is very capable hardware (on par with high-end PCs) that will run the game at a technical standard of 4k60fps that we aim for Scorn. More so than the 4K resolution, having the game run at 60fps with a certain visual fidelity is imperative for us as developers.”

The studio notes that cooperating with Microsoft and making use of their additional resources will result in a “better” and “polished” end product.

As for Scorn releasing on previous gen consoles, the devs “really don’t want to spend development time on what would from a technical standpoint be a sub-par version of the game and overall not a good experience.” It seems that current-gen consoles are not capable of running the game on unfavorable settings such as 900p resolution and sub-optimal frame rates.

Both Scorn and The Medium will be available on PC via Steam upon launch. A release window for Scorn is yet to be specified, since the developers have “decided not to give out a release date, or even a time frame until we are 100% sure we can deliver.” Meanwhile, The Medium developers are aiming for a launch coinciding with the Xbox Series X release in Holiday 2020.

If you missed this month’s Xbox 20/20 event, head here for a quick recap of every announcement related to the upcoming next-gen console.

Farhan Ali
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