Samsung’s Upcoming One UI 2.5 May Bring Ads to Offset Higher Production Costs

Many Xiaomi phones suffer from ads in the UI. Xiaomi has maintained its stance regarding the problem. The revenue from the ads slightly offsets the cost of production, and hence these phones have very low prices.

Now according to a leaked image, the biggest smartphone manufacturer, Samsung, may end up employing the “ads in Xiaomi UI model” (not MIUI) to generate revenue. According to Android Authority, the image was shared with Tizen help by a reader, which allegedly confirms that Samsung is at least experimenting with the idea.

Ads in One UI via android authority

The image allegedly comes from the upcoming iteration of One UI called One UI 2.5. The screenshot present above clearly shows a Samsung phone that can only be unlocked once the ad is cleared. Ads were also spotted on Samsung applications too.

The reliability of the images is questionable as one would never expect such a big company to employ ads to offset some of its costs. If Samsung ends up using ads, the flagship S and Note series will probably be immune to these. The highly popular mid-range A series and low-tier M series smartphones will perhaps employ ads.

Lastly, it would create a significant dent on Samsung’s popularity even if only the low-end phones end up showing ads to the consumers.


Mohsin Naeem

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