Samsung’s S9 And S9 Plus Gets A Camera Upgrade With Upcoming Experience 10 Update

Samsung Experience 10, the successor to their custom Android based Operating System will be seeing a launch alongside Android Pie. With every update, they’re bringing about more and more features to their new and old smartphone lineup.

With their latest update, they have brought features like the scene optimizer mode which was seen in their relatively new Galaxy Note 9 to the Galaxy S9+, which is their AI camera interface, which works by scanning the environment and processing the necessary changes in the colours and white balance of the picture to make the end picture. The camera app integration does improve the capabilities of the already great hardware in the Galaxy S9+ providing it with new, which although isn’t perfect in what it does but new features usually don’t hurt a device unless poorly implemented.

Samsung has been working towards bringing features introduced in their newer devices, to the priorly released phones, like a little time ago they brought about the support for Flaw detection to the Galaxy S9 and a few other models, which uses AI to scan photos and find out deformities in the image caused by movement like blinking etc, and lets the user know, which was introduced with Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

With this Samsung seems to be moving a bit away from their older business model, where they did not introduce the new features in their newer phones to the older models, in hopes of adding more USP to the new release and encouraging users to upgrade. Going against this would help Samsung maintain a more loyal userbase once their older phones start sustaining in the competition for a longer while. This was first reported by XDA, you can read their article here.

Indranil Chowdhury
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