Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Facing Issues: Several Reviewers Face Malfunctioning Displays

There was a time when foldable, flip phones were all the hype. Then, the huge touch phones came in. Since then, we have come a long way but still seem stagnated by lack of innovation. Perhaps, Samsung saw this and obtained a patent for a foldable phone. From then on, a vast chain of rumours continued to circulate the internet. That was, until recently when Samsung finally announced the Galaxy Fold at its Unpacked event. The device, which is now available to purchase, was revolutionary, opening up so many possibilities. Sadly though, some things are too good to be true. According to a bunch of reports, something is a bit “off” about the new Galaxy Fold.

If the title and the last line above didn’t really give it away, let me put it straight. There have been multiple reports of Galaxy Fold devices malfunctioning. The 2000$ device, which boasts a screen that has never before seen, is having screen issues. According to a tweet by Mark Gurman, his device’s screen completely malfunctioned to the point that it is now unusable. Not only that, he continued his tweet to show that it was because he removed the plastic film over the screen (he wasn’t supposed to).

Funny enough, it doesn’t end there. Steve Kovach, another tech reviewer also tweeted about his device malfunctioning severely along one side of the fold. To make matters worse, The Verge reported that their review unit broke, probably due to an issue with the hinge.

Broken Galaxy Fold
Credits: The Verge

This clearly does not boast well for Samsung. Taking obvious reasons out of the equation (for now). Although these are review units, this issue is not justifiable. When a company introduces a device which dwells on the perfectness of its screen, this should NOT be happening. Secondly, this would not result in a good experience for the end users. With news giants like the Verge reporting about this issue, Samsung’s customers would be very demotivated to go for the device. Not only that, when a customer is ready to spend 2000$ on a smartphone, he expects it to be flawless.

Yes, glitches with new technology can be forgiven but in this situation, with Samsung’s name on the line, I can barely find a way to let Samsung off the hook. They better address the issue soon and fix it before more devices are handed out or sold.

Sarmad Burki
Sarmad Burki is a Mathematician and a Economist with a passion for all things gaming and tech. His academics and professional experience combined with tech and gaming adds to his skills giving him a unique ability to observe the tech and gaming industry from various prespectives.