Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Might Have a 3000-6000mAh Foldable Battery

The Galaxy X battery will be foldable and have a capacity between 3000mAh and 6000mAh

Samsung’s much-rumored foldable Galaxy X still hasn’t been officially announced. The frequent leaks have made it pretty certain, though, that the foldable smartphone might be ready for launch soon. A recent report on ithome reveals that the battery of the Galaxy X might be foldable too. The battery is also rumored to have a capacity between 3000mAh and 6000mAh.

Earlier leaks have also revealed that the Galaxy X will have a foldable display. A recent report by ET News claims that Samsung is gearing up for the mass production of OLED displays. This might be related to the Galaxy X. Considering the foldable form factor of the phone, a lot of components of the phone will have to be curved or foldable.

The iThome report suggests that Samsung has managed to cross the hurdle of making a foldable battery. According to the picture of the battery, Samsung SDA will develop this V-shaped battery.

The capacity of the battery (3000-6000mAh) is up to industry standards for modern day smartphones. This is a remarkable milestone. Earlier attempts at making a curved battery only had a capacity of 210mAh, which can hardly satisfy the needs of current smartphone users.

The rumored Samsung Galaxy X will measure 7.3-inches when opened and 4.5-inches when folded. Samsung also realized that the foldable smartphone might pose a problem because the display will not be accessible when the device is folded. ETNews reports that to rectify this error, Samsung plans to make the display on the Galaxy X  fold by only two-thirds. The smartphone will use the exposed bit of the display to show details like time and notifications.

If Samsung can implement this folding Smartphone well, it will certainly be ahead of its competitors in terms of innovation. It is worth noting though that the competition isn’t very far away. Microsoft, Apple, Huawei and Nokia are also working on foldable devices, patents for which have been spotted online.

Samsung is expected to launch it’s much anticipated foldable smartphone in 2019, perhaps alongside the Galaxy S10. All Samsung has confirmed till now is that it is having a press conference on August 9th in New York, where the Galaxy Note 9 will be launched.

Nishant Kauntia
Nishant is a tech-enthusiast, and keeps experimenting with new apps and tweaks on his Chromebook and Android smartphone. Innovative user-experience developments fascinate him. Apart from keeping a keen eye out for updates in the tech industry, Nishant is interested in Philosophy and Creative Writing.

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Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Might Have a 3000-6000mAh Foldable Battery

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