Samsung’s Android Go Phone Certified By FCC

A few manufacturers have already developed smartphones based on Google’s Android Go platform and recent reports have suggested that Samsung is doing so as well. There have already been several leaks concerning the first Samsung Android Go phone. The latest development is that the handset has been certified by the FCC. This is viewed as the sign of an impending launch.

Android Go is an optimized iteration of Android Oreo that Google launched about a year ago. It’s meant to provide an improved experience on devices with low-end specs. The idea is to offer a better experience on devices with 1GB of RAM or less. Google has also launched lightweight “Go” versions of some of its apps like Maps and YouTube which are better suited to this platform.

Contrary to what many believe, Android Go doesn’t actually promise a stock Android experience. That’s not what users will get on Samsung’s Android Go Phone. A recent leak revealed that the handset will retain Samsung’s custom Android skin on top of Android Go. It has already been revealed in previous reports that the Android Go device from Samsung has model number SM-J260G. The FCC has certified the SM-J260G/DS and SM-J260Y models.

Samsung hasn’t confirmed the countries where it’s going to launch its first Android Go smartphone and how much the device will cost. The company also hasn’t said when we can expect this device to arrive.

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