Samsung Unveils the New Galaxy Fold2 with Snapdragon 865+, Biggest Display, 120Hz Refresh Rate at $1999

Today is finally the day that Samsung announced the latest Galaxy Fold2. This device is the direct descendent of the original foldable from Samsung. Now, people had been waiting for this device for quite some time now. According to recent rumours, we had a vague idea of what the device would hold. Today though, we can set all those assumptions and rumours aside. We can finally see what Samsung has put out as the successor to their somewhat famous, somewhat sceptical entry into the foldable world.

The Galaxy Fold2

Now, as the article states, the company has added some of the most amazing features on the device too, not really holding back on anything. Right from the top, we see that the back resembles the standard Note 20 with the same camera module. Then we move towards the main design and it is quite similar to the form factor introduced. What’s different though? Well, the screen is more immersive with the greater screen to body ratio. Not to mention, the secondary display covers the entire front of the device. It also is a more vibrant and better-detailed display.

The Phone now features a bigger front display

On the inside, we see the latest and the greatest internals. Starting off with the Snapdragon 865+ on the inside. This phone would support this processor all over the world. No Exynos variant this time around. The hybrid device would also feature 12GB of RAM and 256GB of UFS 3.1 storage. Additionally, it would be powered by a 4500mAh battery which in our opinion is just mediocre for the huge display in front. Also, this display would be a 120Hz panel this time around which would look amazing at this size and sharpness. It has a total of 5 cameras with the usual 12MP sensors on the back for a telephoto zoom, wide and ultra-wide. Meanwhile, there are two on the front as well. These are just selfie cameras, one on the front of the device and one on the foldable display. Samsung should have thought up something similar to Huawei’s solution. That was more practical.

The device was announced just today and it would be coming out on September 18th. Pre-orders start from today, at midnight though. This phone would actually cost less than the previous model, coming in at $1999. It is featured in two unique colours: Mystic Black and Mystic Bronze, (with hinges available in silver, gold, red and blue).

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