Samsung Unpacked: Samsung Announces The Cheaper Variants, The S21 & S21 Plus!

It is finally the Samsung Unpacked day. The company that sets the tone with its flagships every year has done it once again. We finally step aside from the rumour mill and on to the real devices at hand! While there are three phones coming out from the Korean giant, the S21 Ultra, as the company made it to be, is a step ahead and so we will cover the “lower-tier” models separately. These are the S21 and the S21 Plus models.

While both the devices are pretty identical, we will cover in this article, the similarities and the places where the two devices differ. Spoiler alert: there are very few differences at hand (much like the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max).

Samsung Galaxy S21 & S21 Plus

Covering up the general features, both phones feature a 1080p panel this time around. The resolutions are set to 2400×1080. These are both at 120Hz but the resolution is down from 1440p, from last years models. The refresh rate, although quite exciting, is dynamically managed so we’ll see how the software handles that. These measures are primarily focused towards a better battery life.

Next up, we see that both phones feature 8GB of RAM. This too has been brought down from 12GB. Why though? Well, we’ll answer this question by the end of this piece. On the plus side though, both devices feature the Snapdragon 888 chipset which will be a powerhouse, to say the least.

Basic Design layout of the S21 and S21 Plus

For the design side of things, we see quite a similar picture as we did with the leaks. Samsung has decided to let go of the curved displays that it introduced. Instead, these are flat panels. Although, beautiful displays, naturally. Without the notch, the screens look pretty much bezel-free, which is a great feat to achieve. On the back though, we see a completely different picture altogether. The company has added a bigger, overall camera unit. It houses all the sensors and is aesthetically more pleasing than a single camera bump. The sensors are pretty much the same from last year though. That is okay though, these were amazing cameras and Samsung’s new software would just make them better. These do include new features such as 30x space zoom and Directors View mode which allows users to switch between lenses very smoothly. This is quite similar to the one found on iPhones.

Key Differences

As for the key differences between the two devices, the S21 has a plastic back as compared to an aluminum and glass mixture found on the bigger model. The battery sizes differ as well. The smaller device features a 4000mAh battery while the bigger one has a 4800mAh power source. The S21 lacks the ultra-wideband radio used for the Samsung tags. These are found on the Plus model only. While the smaller one goes for $799, the plus model goes for $999. Samsung was able to decrease the prices drastically by cutting down on some specs. They also managed this by removing the charger from the box. A very Apple thing to do!

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Samsung Unpacked: Samsung Announces The Cheaper Variants, The S21 & S21 Plus!

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