Samsung Will Give Additional Yearly Bonus to Several Employee Divisions

Every January, Samsung gives its workers a bonus equaling up to 50% of their yearly earnings. Despite the company’s experience of declining semiconductor and smartphone sales, this year is anticipated to be the same. The incentives given to workers from various divisions still vary in a few ways, which we shall discuss in this section. 

According to industry insiders who gave pertinent information to The Investor, Samsung allegedly notified executives and staff about the company’s comprehensive strategy for yearly incentives as part of its overall performance incentive, or OPI. Employees now working in the chip industry will get the most significant bonus among the company’s several divisions, amounting to between 47 and 50 percent of their yearly income.

Samsung’s Mobile Team is Also Anticipated to Get an Additional Bonus 

In comparison to the prior year, the bonus amount is constant. The staff at Samsung’s Mobile eXperience business, which is in charge of smartphones and tablets, will earn between 29 and 33 percent of their yearly wages. Surprisingly, Samsung decided to give its staff members an annual bonus even though demand for smartphones has declined. This shows that the corporation is choosing to retain employees and has given the teams a significant incentive to urge them to do even better this year.

The majority of you are aware that Samsung is expected to introduce the Galaxy S23 series during the first week of February. Giving out incentives just before the release of its flagship smartphone series is a great way to encourage the team to perform to the best of their potential to steal market share from Apple and other rivals. Employee pay at Samsung Display will increase from 35 percent to 47-50 percent of yearly salary, similar to the semiconductor division.

As a result of Samsung posting the greatest quarterly operating profit of 1.9 trillion won ($1.5 billion) for the third quarter of 2022, a rise in the OPI rate, which would be the largest in many years, was unavoidably necessary. In 2023, if Samsung’s Mobile eXperience business can regain lost market share, the Korean juggernaut can authorize a bonus that is even bigger.


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