Samsung To Be Making Next Generation iPhone 13 Pro Lineup LTPO OLED Displays: LG To Follow in the Coming Year

Now, a couple of reports have confirmed that the upcoming iPhone 13 series would have 120Hz displays. This is long due and still, Apple may just be adding these to the iPhone 13 Pro lineup. According to this article we covered on our forum, there are details on what it may entail.

We also know that the iPhones this year faced a delay. This obviously hindered product delivery dates and so on. With the new displays, the company would obviously have to refine its supply chain better and this tweet from Sleepy Kuma tells us how the company may be planning that.

Now, the company will now be getting its displays from Samsung. The company would be providing them with LTPO OLED panels, the same ones found on the Note 20 Ultra models. These are excellent displays and we may see them on the upcoming iPhone 13 Pro models. Apple is set to make 120Hz available on the next models and these displays would play the key role. LTPO displays provide battery saving as well which makes sense with the higher-refresh-rate panel. But, perhaps we would know for sure when we actually see the product.

As for Samsung, the company has made sure it can get its production up to meet the standards and the quantity demanded. It is quite known that LG was approached for these same displays the year before for the iPhone 12 Pro lineup but sadly, the company could not deliver. As for the next year, LG is gearing up to meet the demand as well. This would be great since the iPhones of the year 2022 may be covering the same displays throughout the lineup. These things matter right now since production values and quantities are determined well before the actual product announcement.

Sarmad Burki
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