Samsung Rolling Out Android 10 for Samsung Galaxy Tab S6: Update Includes One UI 2.1, Dark Mode and More

Samsung released its Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 (don’t mind the mouthful of a name) back in 2019. Back then, during the time of the S10 and the Note 10, the tab came out with Android version 9 and Samsung’s original One UI. Now though, the OS has evolved and updated. Even One UI has new versions now. The Tab S6 does feature top-notch specs. Making it quite a powerful machine. Though it still hadn’t received a software update to Android version 10, an article from XDA-Developers suggests that that is about to change.

According to the article, Samsung has started rolling out the update for the device starting today. What comes with this update though? It is a version of Samsung’s software based on Android version 10. Additionally, the device would skip One UI 2.0. Instead, it jumps straight to the One UI 2.1. This means that currently, the devices to be updated would be running the same skin as that found in the latest Samsung S20, S20 Pro and Ultra.

The article reports that users have said that the devices with the model numbers SM-T865 are receiving the updates with the March Security patch. This suggests that devices in Germany (related to this model number) would be one of the first ones to be getting the update since the region defined is DBT (Samsung’s Code for Germany).

Additional Features

Apart from the new version fo One UI, the article has embedded a whole list of new features to be added in the update. These include the famous dark mode all across the board. The icons and colors would be redesigned, as those in the S20 devices. New gestures and animations are added, not to mention, features like Quick Share and Music share are added as well. These will all be coupled with redesigned UIs for all the Samsung Apps of course. For some, there may be differences in the way users interact with them as well.

Sarmad Burki
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