Samsung Smartphones Will Have More Microsoft Apps Including Your Phone and Office Preinstalled

Samsung Unpacked, a popular event the Korean tech giant organizes every year, could see Microsoft joining in as well. The event, scheduled to take place on August 7 in New York City may include confirmation about the enhanced collaboration between the two companies. It is quite likely that Samsung would confirm its devices would ship with preinstalled software and services that Microsoft offers. In other words, Samsung Galaxy and other sub-brand smartphones would have pre-loaded Microsoft phone apps like Your Phone and Office apps.

After a rather rocky start, Samsung and Microsoft may have found a way to push collaboration. The companies may have had a rather competitive past, but Samsung and Microsoft have apparently found common ground. Samsung is rumored to have agreed with Microsoft to include the latter’s select consumer-grade apps and services onto its smartphones. These apps could not only boost the adoption and usage of Microsoft apps and services, but it would also help the company have better, simpler and faster ways of syncing or connecting Samsung Android mobile phones with PCs running Windows 10 OS.

Samsung Could Confirm Its Software Partnership With Microsoft At Next Week’s Samsung Unpacked Event:

Next week’s Samsung Unpacked event scheduled to take place in Brooklyn, New York on August 7, promises to be very exciting for the company’s fans. The Korean tech giant is expected to unveil the Galaxy Note 10, its flagship Android phablet that has been making several rounds of the internet. While the Galaxy Fold may not be part of the official launch, Samsung could officially announce its partnership with Microsoft. Incidentally, Samsung Galaxy Fold is expected to launch in September, this year, and should benefit from this collaboration.

The Windows OS maker may have given up on offering a Windows Phone, but it could be demonstrating how its various Office apps and the versatile Your Phone companion app will work on the upcoming Samsung smartphones. Some tech insiders claim Microsoft may even showcase its apps that are optimized to run on Galaxy Fold.

The MS Office for Android is a complete suite of productivity apps including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and other platforms. Besides the desktop versions, Microsoft has been steadily improving the Android and iOS versions of the MS Office app. These pack several AI-based features that make working on smartphones quite easy. The Microsoft Your Phone App, on the other hand, is essentially a platform that offers seamless continuity between desktops running Windows 10 and Android smartphones. The company has made several feature additions to the app, making it very popular. Additionally, there are several other apps and services that Microsoft could preinstall in Samsung smartphones. Although some smartphone users may call this bloatware, others may simply adopt the same and add to Microsoft’s growing userbase.

Has Microsoft Completely Given On Up Offering A Smartphone Under Its Own Brand?

Microsoft was rumored to be actively considering reentering the smartphone world with its own Microsoft-branded Android phone. After Windows Phone OS lagged behind, Microsoft has apparently taken a very different route to ensure its stays in the ever-increasing mobile phone and smartphone market. Simply put, since the company no longer offers a phone of its own, it has realigned its efforts on making powerful, efficient and productive versions of its apps and services for the Android smartphones and Apple’s iPhones.

Incidentally, the Samsung Galaxy Note series has always supported a stylus, and Microsoft’s software on smartphones certainly benefits from the added functionality. Moreover, Samsung makes Dex, which is essentially a dock that transforms the smartphone into a desktop PC by simply attaching a keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

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