Samsung Shows Off the Multitasking Prowess of its new Galaxy Fold Smartphone

Samsung’s highly-anticipated Galaxy Fold smartphone was finally launched at the company’s Unpacked event in San Francisco last week. While the foldable smartphone may not be for everyone, there is no doubt that it is one of the most impressive devices that we have seen in a long time.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is set to go on sale in a few markets across the globe starting April 26 in both 4G and 5G variants. Unlike the Galaxy S10 series models, however, Samsung hasn’t allowed the press to go hands-on with the Galaxy Fold yet. To shed more light on the smartphone’s software and multitasking capabilities, Samsung had uploaded a four-minute video showcasing the smartphone on its YouTube channel. For some reason, the video was removed soon after it was listed.

Three-Way Multitasking

While the video is no longer available on the internet, Samsung Newsroom has now released an interview of Eui-suk Chung, Executive VP and Head of Software and AI at Samsung Mobile. When asked if all apps will support the App Continuity and Multi-Active Window feature on the Galaxy Fold, the executive revealed that support for these two features “will vary based on the app and developer’s adherence with Google policies and guidelines.”

As can be seen in the illustration video below, the App Continuity feature allows apps to transition seamlessly when a user switches to the main display on the Galaxy Fold from the cover display and vice versa. The Multi-Active Window feature, on the other hand, lets one use up to three apps simultaneously on the main display. In comparison, regular Galaxy flagship smartphones allow only two apps to run simultaneously.

In addition to discussing the App Continuity and Multi-Active Window features, Eui-suk Chung also revealed that it took eight years for Samsung to turn the idea of a foldable smartphone into reality. Now that the Galaxy Fold has been launched, the company believes roll-able and stretch-able devices are not impossible either.

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Samsung Shows Off the Multitasking Prowess of its new Galaxy Fold Smartphone

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