Samsung Security Updates Have Become More Frequent Because Of Strict Google Guidelines

Google’s Policy Regarding Security Updates Stricter In 2018

Samsung security updates are more frequent now. Especially for devices that are the flagship models. This was not the case before. According to reports, this is due to a change in Google’s rules regarding security updates. Google announced that it would be working with partners to provide better security but the details were not shared.

The Verge was able to get this information. According to the site, Google dictates that starting in January 2018, all devices that have more than 100,000 users need to be updated regularly. Updates have to be provided for 2 years. This means that any device that has been launched after this date needs to be updated regularly.

While this is great for the consumer, as it means they get important security patches and updates, its not great news for Samsung. The company has plenty of smartphone models that are very popular and all of these need regular updates. Samsung needs to update these devices at least 4 times a year.

It seems that Samsung is implementing this rule, at least for its popular devices like the Note series and the S8 and S9. Older devices are also getting frequent updates now. If you own a year old device then you must have noticed that updates are relatively frequent as compared to before.

This is not the only change that Google has made recently. It has also become pretty touchy regarding the use of the Google Play Store and Chrome on mobile devices. In the EU, Google is charging a fee for the use of the Play Store. Devices will be charged up to $40 depending on the ppi of the display, which might indicate the cost metric of the device. The following is what the new rules dictate:

If the Company elects not to place the Google Chrome browser on the Application Dock for any Qualified Device(s) supplied into the EEA [European Economic Area]. The company will not be entitled to any portion of revenue generated from Google Chrome for such Qualified Device(s).”

All this is very interesting indeed. Frequent Samsung security updates do make sense but adding a tax for the Play Store will just make the devices more expensive and the cost will trickle down to the consumers.

Talha Amjad
Talha has been in the tech industry for the last 6 years and is a current member of the PC master race.