Samsung’s S24 Series May Not Include Any Plus Models

When it comes to meeting consumer demand and maintaining a healthy profit margin, every smartphone maker periodically revises the devices in its product range. A few years back, Samsung changed its lineup when it discontinued the Note series, which had been widely praised. Once again, there are reports that the S24 lineup will be cut to just two phones if the Plus version is not allegedly released.

For Samsung, every Galaxy S series includes the standard, Plus, and Ultra variants. Despite the fact that the S23 series will continue to have the Plus model, there are reports that it may be discontinued beginning with the Samsung Galaxy S24 series.

According to a story on a Korean website, The Elec, Samsung is not currently working on a Galaxy S24+ smartphone. Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Ultra are reportedly in development, however, S24+ does not appear to be in the works. In 2024, Samsung may choose to simplify the Galaxy S line by releasing only two models.

It is speculated that this choice was made due to the unsatisfactory performance of the Galaxy S22+ in terms of sales. According to reports, this variant sold for only 17% of all Galaxy S22 units in 2022. Gfk estimates that 38% of sales were of the entry-level model, while 45% were of the Ultra variant.

It is important to point out that this move comes at a time when the market for flagship smartphones is becoming increasingly polarised and the global market for smartphones as a whole has lately experienced a period of slowdown. Experts have concluded that Samsung’s choice to streamline its Galaxy S24 lineup to a select few variants is a calculated move made to increase the company’s chances of success in a highly competitive industry.

There is a general impression that Samsung is making changes to the Galaxy S24 series in response to the evolving market. It’s still not clear if the final product will have a Plus model or not, as there are no statements from Samsung itself. However, we will make sure to keep you updated on any new information as it comes.

Update: Rumors regarding the end of the Plus series may be inaccurate due to the reasons, pointing out that Samsung only has “DM1” and “DM3” projects in the works, referring to the Galaxy S24 and Ultra models, respectively.

We know that “DM” stands for “Diamond,” the internal codename for the Galaxy S23 series, and not the Galaxy S24. The Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra will be part of the future lineup and are internally known as DM1, DM2, and DM3, respectively.


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