Samsung Releases Good Lock 2018 One Hand Operation+ Update For Plus-Size Devices

As mobile phone developers embrace the trend of plus-size devices, it can become a demanding task to handle them. With the fairly recent (merely a month old) updates to Samsung’s Good Lock 2018 for the customization of the on screen Android Samsung device experience, another update has just rolled out that caters specifically to the hassles of operating large mobile devices with just one hand. The update features additional gestures that improve the accessibility of the device and make it convenient to access all important menus and operations with just one hand, or even better, just one moving thumb.

Samsung released its Good Lock application on the 18th of April, 2016, for all Samsung devices to allow users to be able to customize what they see on their screens as well as how they interact with their notification panels and lock screens. Users were given enhanced lock screen widgets. This meant a grander variety of third party applications that could operate on the lock screen (this was limited in the in-built lock screen features) and more developed displays that allowed for increased but still safe interaction without unlocking the device. Users were also given the options to sort the notifications received by categorizing, prioritizing, saving, and setting reminders for the notifications received in the initial roll out of the Good Lock 2018 application. The ability to customize the entire layout of the lock screen was also granted unlike ever before in which users could choose exactly what they want and where they want it, turning the lock screen into a canvas for users to customize as they please. Quick settings were also added to the lock screen and a recent applications used menu was introduced so that users could quickly switch between the applications they want to use. This application was released in the day of the Galaxy S7 and since we have seen the release of the Galaxy S8 as well as the Galaxy S9. Updates to the application have adapted it for the newer devices as well but the latest update focuses on adding features specific to the plus size device of the newest Samsung devices.

The latest update caters specifically to plus sized devices by bringing an update to the One Hand Operation + add on, Good Lock’s addition that works hand in hand with the One Handed Mode already a part of the device. This add on adds one handed edge swipe gestures to the device and the updates allow for greater customization of the swipe functions available. Users are able to translate the commands of the home key, back key, recent key, previous app, quick panel, and soft keys into one handed swipes on the screen. They are also able to adjust the position where the swipe should be made, the touch area width, pressure, resultant vibrations, and swiping distance. Gestures like hard pressing the home button and extending it up, right, or left are examples of how the gestures on the device work, and with the One Hand Operation +, the gestures are customizable to be carried out on any part of the screen and are not required to swipe across the whole of the device’s surface to take effect. The screenshots below show some of the features added to the updated service.

Features Added To Good Lock Update. Android Authority
Features Added To Good Lock Update. BardTech
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