Samsung Display Registers “Lifelike Pixels” Trademark Expected For OLED Displays

Samsung submitted a trademark application for a new display technology that would be utilized in future devices only days before revealing the Galaxy S23 series. The South Korean company’s display production division seems to be enhancing its already excellent OLED technology.

Samsung has applied to register the phrase “Lifelike Pixels” as a trademark in South Korea (via GalaxyClub). Although the technology’s particular workings are unknown, we can be certain that it will be included in the business’s next OLED panels for smartphones and tablets. It could not, however, be restricted to just those two product categories. The business may ultimately make it available for laptops, wearables, and AR/VR screens. 

Samsung’s Patent via GalaxyClub

The corporation registered this trademark on the same day as it registered the term “Flex Hybrid” as a trademark. Samsung Display’s latest display type, called Flex Hybrid, slides and folds at the same time. It is intended for laptops of the future that can fold down to a considerably smaller size. Three other display panels are also available from the company: the Flex In & Out, Flex Slidable Duet, and Flex Slideable Solo.

Samsung Slidable Flex Duet | Image: Samsung

Expanding on Flex Hybrid, Samsung Display claims that the Flex Hybrid can stretch from a 10.5-inch 4:3 display to a 12.4-inch screen with a 16:10 aspect ratio, however, no specific information on resolution or peak brightness is provided. It’s not difficult to see the display being used in a foldable smartphone in the future, enabling users to unfold the device for a more minor tablet-style experience and then inside it for a bigger screen for watching a movie or playing a game.

If we were to make a guess, Lifelike Pixel may be connected to better color reproduction on an OLED panel. Future products from the South Korean company are anticipated to employ the functionality. In the future, it may potentially be provided to other smartphone OEMs.


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