Samsung May Release More Affordable Galaxy Z FE Foldable Phones in the Coming Years

Last month, Samsung announced it’s foldable ‘Z’ lineup of phones, the Z Fold 5, and the Z Flip 5. Priced at $1,699 and $999, respectively, these phones, in no way, fall in the “budget” category, and are targeted towards a niche audience, appealing to a limited demographic.

Samsung, however knows this, and is reportedly planning to release more affordable Galaxy Z FE foldables in the coming years. The company’s Fan Edition (FE) lineup is known for offering flagship experience at a more affordable price point, and it seems that Samsung is looking to do the same with its foldable phones.

The first Galaxy Z FE foldable phone is rumored to be released in the coming year, or so, following the launch of the Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6. The FE model, from previous inferences, is expected to have a similar design to the standard models, but it may use less expensive materials and components. This could help to keep the price down, making the foldable phone more cheaper.

The last Fan Edition phone to release was the Samsung S21 FE, which featured similar hardware to the standard S21, albeit with relatively low-cost materials. Since the design of the S21 FE was almost identical to the normal S21, we can infer that the Z Fold/Flip FE may also look similar to the Z6 series.

Samsung has been quiet for a while on the FE front, and that is partially due to the exceptional sales of the S22 series. Now, however, it is strongly rumored that Samsung will be bringing back the Fan Edition with the release of the S23 FE soon.

The release of more affordable Galaxy Z FE foldables will surely help the company to boost the adoption of foldable phones. This technology is still relatively new and expensive, which has limited its appeal to early adopters. However, if Samsung can make foldable phones more affordable, they could become more mainstream in the coming years, and with almost half a decade of experimentation, Samsung would know what they’re doing.

This year, we saw the first signs of the company looking to release affordable foldables, but it wasn’t something that no one expected. We knew that budget foldables would come, sooner or later, and as far as Samsung is concerned, it has been a leader in the foldable phone market, and the FE models could help to make foldables even more popular.

This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


Muhammad Qasim

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