Samsung Plans Comeback with ‘Powerful’ Mobile Soc In Collaboration With AMD and Google

Samsung’s Exynos lineup featured in many of the company’s smartphones over the years. Even in their flagship models like the Galaxy S22, until recently when the company finally decided to phase out its use and instead use Snapdragon chips for higher-end models. The reason was even more obvious with every passing year, as Exynos chips were simply not able to keep up with flagship SoCs from other companies like Qualcomm and MediaTek

Now it seems, the Korean giant is already preparing for a comeback in the smartphone SoC space. According to leakster @OreXda on Twitter, Samsung is working with Google’s Tensor team and AMD’s Radeon team to develop a flagship SoC. Although sadly, we won’t be seeing this SoC purportedly until 2025. 

While the attached image of an early chipset die area doesn’t give a lot of information, it could be inferred the four boxes represent two Cortex-X cores, along with two middle cores and two efficiency cores on the left. The box on the far right could be a machine learning engine unit, like the ones seen on Google’s Tensor SoCs. 

Google is already working in close collaboration with Samsung to develop their own Tensor chips. The Tensor chips are essentially based on Samsung’s Exynos designs, but heavily modified. As both the companies work together to flesh this SoC, all of this combined R&D will obviously translate to better Exynos chips in the future. 

Another area where the upcoming Exynos SoC needs to improve is on the GPU front. When Samsung announced its collaboration with AMD to develop a new mobile GPU, there were a lot of expectations then from the team up.

But when the AMD RDNA 2 based Xclipe 920 GPU finally released with the Exynos 2200, benchmarks correctly pointed out, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1’s Adreno 730 GPU was significantly faster. Just in 3DMark Wildlife, the Adreno 730 was 43% faster than the Xclipe 920 GPU. Hopefully, Samsung and AMD will take the much-needed time to improve their designs and come out with a more competitive offering. 


Indranil Chowdhury

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