Samsung Has Reportedly Established its Own Team to Manage the Exynos Division

The Mobile eXperience (MX) branch of Samsung oversees the company’s smartphone operations, whereas System LSI, a distinct division, creates the Exynos chipsets. According to reports, Samsung’s smartphone business division has established an entirely new team to design and build its chipsets, which suggests that it may stop using System LSI’s Exynos processors in the future.

A recent article from The Elec claims that Samsung MX has established a new team to create smartphone chipsets. The new team was established so that the smartphone development team could produce its processors as opposed to depending on System LSI for its chipsets.  Won-Joon Choi, Executive VP of Samsung Electronics, will serve as the team’s head. He was also named Head of the Flagship Product R&D Team and Technology Strategy Team at Samsung MX earlier this month. Choi, a renowned specialist in wireless chips, formerly worked at Qualcomm before joining Samsung in 2016.

Samsung’s Exynos Division Has Reportedly Showed Disappointing Performance

The reason for this change is yet unknown however, The Samsung MX team has been dissatisfied with the Exynos chipsets’ inadequate performance over the previous several years. That was their justification for creating their team, at least. Another rumor asserts that if no buyers are found, System LSI may eventually limit the production of Exynos processors to vehicles alone.

In general, Samsung releases most of its flagship smartphones in two different configurations: one with an Exynos processor and the other with a Qualcomm SoC. In the past, the versions powered by Qualcomm chipsets have had superior thermals, greater power efficiency, quicker performance, and longer battery life compared to the models equipped with Exynos CPUs. Additionally, these variants have had higher power efficiency. People who reside in nations where Samsung releases its Exynos-powered smartphones have often complained that they pay the same price but get worse performance.

When Samsung already has the know-how to create its chipsets, getting CPUs from other manufacturers would be more expensive. However, System LSI isn’t producing quality chipsets, and that’s why Samsung’s smartphone business division has chosen to establish its chipset development team.


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