Samsung Might Focus on Increased Durability With the Upcoming Galaxy Fold Line-Up

Smartphones have evolved a lot over time, but they seem to have hit a stagnation point in design. There are improvements with a new launch every year, but it’s not as drastic as it was a few years back. Foldables can be the next big thing, but companies still need to figure out pricing and durability. Samsung is betting big on foldables, and according to a new report, the company might introduce its following foldable lineup with new technology for increased durability, dubbed “Armor Skin” and “Armor Layer”. It’s not clear yet if Samsung is planning to debut the “Armor” branding with the next Fold, but there’s a high chance given the company’s launch schedule.

Samsung Armor Patent
Samsung Patent, Source – LetsGoDigital

According to LetsGoDigital, the South Korean company has filed patents for the same in various countries. The filings don’t give away much, but one of the descriptions mention “Smartphone Frames.” The first-generation foldable from Samsung had distinct durability issues, but the company was able to address many of them with the next iteration, the Galaxy Fold 2. The branding seems to suggest a more durable screen (Armor Skin)  and a sturdier frame (Armor Layer).

Companies also use these brandings for marketing their products. The Gorilla Glass brand is a staple in the Android camp. Even Apple introduced the “Ceramic Sheild” branding with the iPhone 12 lineup, which, according to the company, provides 4x better drop resistance than earlier models. While companies do make an effort to make their products more durable, it’s usually nowhere near the level marketing jargon makes it to be. Hopefully, Samsung’s upcoming “Armor” will deliver enough to make the new fold a more practical device for the daily user.

Indranil Chowdhury
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