Samsung May Introduce EVO 870 SSDs with Increased Capacities Up To 4TB

The focus on Solid State Drives has shifted from being an ordinary storage unit to an essential component of a modern computer. These high-speed storage devices can revive older computers as well. Reduced loading time was probably the most important next-gen feature in the Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 consoles, which was the direct consequence of the addition of custom NVMe SSDs.

Samsung is one of the biggest and the most significant players in the SSD space. It offers drives for every segment ranging from expensive ultra-high-speed drives to less expensive yet resourceful drives. The drives are classified into three sub-series depending upon the type of multi-layered VNAND onboard, each with different endurance and performance characteristics. The Pro series, such as the new 980 Pro, offers the best in the industry endurance and write performance but costs a fortune since it uses two bits per cell (MLC) flash. On the other end, the QVO series offers the least in terms of endurance and performance due to its four bits per cell (QLC) flash. Finally, the EVO series offers the best middle ground in terms of price and performance because of its three bits per cell (TLC) flash.

EVO series is also the most popular SSD drive family by Samsung, and it seems Samsung is adding another option for its customers. The rumored 870 EVO drive will probably be very similar to the already available 860 EVO drives. The 2.5″ drive will come in a range of different capacities from 250GB to 4TB. The faster drives in the lineup may touch 560 MB per second for reads and 530 MB/sec on writes, which is in line with the SATA III’s maximum throughput.

The top-tier 4TB model should have an endurance of 2400TB, which is the same as the 860 EVO but quite a bit better compared to the 1440TB endurance offered by the 870 QVO. Price is expected to be very similar to the pricing of 860 EVO which is in the range of 70 to 450 euros.

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Samsung May Introduce EVO 870 SSDs with Increased Capacities Up To 4TB

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