Samsung Collaborates With iFixit to Offer Self-Repairing to Users

Samsung has chosen to collaborate with iFixit and is now providing a self-repair service for Galaxy phones and tablets, following Google and Apple. This should make things easier for users willing to self-repair their devices.

The firms announced their partnership with iFixit in a news statement, which described the terrific self-repair solution they would be bringing to customers. As a result, the business will now provide OEM components to customers who want to effectively restore their gadgets.

Using iFixit for self-repairing is conventional once you get the hang of it | Image: AppleInsider

The Samsung self-repair service will first be accessible for the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21 smartphone families as well as the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus tablet. The brand-new components for these smartphones, including screens, back panels, and charging ports, are available for customers who wish to repair their phones themselves. Additionally, Samsung will give you the necessary equipment so that you can fix your phones.

Samsung’s new self-repair software will also provide access to a step-by-step manual for people who are interested in fixing their own devices. Samsung has stated that the new self-repair program will help in decreasing waste produced when these gadgets are ultimately thrown away in addition to extending the life of the phone. 


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